On The Go Tanners

Limited on time but looking to maximise your glow? All the products in the EXPRESS range are quick-drying, long-lasting and come with zero-transfer. These waters, mists and creams can be applied wherever you are and wherever you need to glow.

Loved by a-listers and soon to be adored by you. Discover the range now.

Limited on time, and searching for a top performing, quick drying, quick developing solution with no transferring, and to be used on the go! You are very sociable and a love an instant with lasting tan results ready for the weekend, you can’t be dealing with long development times, but do still want the active skincare ingredients included in all our collections. We recommend our EXPRESS TAN collection for you, ensuring you have a quick drying, long lasting and moisturising tan in minutes, keeping you looking fabulous on the go!! Our Express Tan products are also handbag size, you can’t go wrong!!

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