The James Read GLOW20 range is part of our luxurious instant tan range that delivers a natural-looking glow in just 20 minutes that lasts up to 5 days.

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Ideal for more experienced tanners and those on-the-go, the GLOW20 range includes an instant tan mousse and facial tan serum that can be customised depending on the glow you want.

For self-tanners looking for a lighter glow, leave the GLOW20 products for 20 minutes, for a medium glow up to 60 minutes and for those who want a deep bronze tan leave for 90 minutes. Combining active skincare ingredients such as vitamin e and c with our quick-drying formula, the GLOW20 range is far more than instant tan as it adds to your daily skincare routine. Enjoy our GLOW20 products free delivery when you order direct from our website.

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