Introducing a new kind of tan technology, the James Read tan gel range has been infused with anti-ageing properties such as hyaluronic acid to hydrate and caffeine to help firm skin overnight while you sleep. The unique tan gel treatments work by absorbing into the skin, building a glow overnight that’s unique to your own skin tone. Our tan gels are colourless and easy to use with a silky formula that leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. Perfect for all skin types, our tan gel range comes in 3 colour grades, allowing you to choose your own depth of glow.

Whether you choose our tan gel face mask or body mask, the James Read tan gel range lasts up to 5 days and as they’re colourless, you can sleep in the comfort that, unlike other self-tan gels, there will be no colour residue left behind. Apply our tan gels with confidence and enjoy a subtle, healthy glow for days.

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