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If there’s one thing that Josie (Fashion Mumblr) knows, it’s how to get an even, natural looking GLOW all year round! A GLOW isn’t just for summer

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Why do you love James Read Tan?

“I love James Read Tanning products because they combine luxury skincare with self-tan, when I’m tanned I feel much more confident, I feel much better about the way I look and my skin feels great inside out!”

What is your go-to face product?

Sleep Mask Face Retinol!  The reason why I love it is because I don’t have to forfeit my evening ingredients on my skin in order to get a tan. It’s great because it has encapsulated retinol in it, which basically slowly releases the active ingredient while you sleep which is what makes it so special!

I apply it after I’ve cleansed and toned my skin, if my skin is feeling dehydrated then I’ll use a serum before I apply the product which does not alter the results at all. I use one pump and massage into my skin. I don’t feel sticky after I’ve applied it which is great.

This product is perfect for summer as the size is 50ml so you can take it with you in your hand luggage when you travel! it’s also great for maintaining your tan as it moisturises your skin while adding that extra glow. You must 100% remember to put on an SPF when in the sun as it contains retinol.”

What’s your go-to body product?

H2O Tan Drops Body, what I love about the product is that it is bespoke, so you can really amp your tan by using 4-5 drops or keep it really natural by gradually building up your tan daily by adding 2-3 drops into your body lotion. They are also super easy to use and doesn’t leave a streaky result. When you add in the drops it doesn’t turn your moisturiser into a strange consistency, this is literally like applying your favourite body lotion except you get a tan!

I moisturise each body part in sections by adding 4- 5 drops with the moisturiser to each section - I’m not afraid to go super bronzed with these!”

 “Another product that I love is the H20 Tan Mist Face. Misting is the easiest and quickest way to add tan and moisture to your face. It’s really refreshing and hydrating and can be used on top of your makeup! Top tip: I always use the mist to tan my hands as the tan fades the quickest in this area. By misting my hands, I prolong the tan.”

Josie’s results from using James Read Tan’s H2O Tan Drops Body and Sleep Mask Retinol.

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