Tanning Thursday: Why it's the best day to get your perfect tan

Forget Hump Day, it’s time to reach for your tanning mitt as it’s all about Tanning Thursdays.

Every tan fan knows that preparation is key. Not only does Tanning Thursday mean that the weekend is officially in sight, but it’s also a great chance to check in with your skin and get it going out ready.

First of all, it’s time to hit the shower and exfoliate. Any waxing or shaving should be done 24 hours in advance.

Prior to tanning, avoid using any lotions, oils or deodorants – clean and fresh skin is what you want. 

Next, grab your Tanning Mitt and reach for your favourite James Read products like the Foolproof Bronzing Mousse Medium & Dark. It is an easy tan which will leave you with a lasting deep bronze tan in 3-5 hours.

Your face deserves some extra attention and pampering so it has got to be the Sleep Mask Face. Not only will you wake up with a lovely glow the next day, but it’s also packed with skin-boosting ingredients like Aloe Vera and Black Rose which penetrate deep within the skin to revitalise, nourish and soften. 

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