James Read Tan Nominated for QVC Excellence Beauty Award

James’ award-winning Sleep Mask Tan Face

We’re super excited to announce that James’ award-winning Sleep Mask Tan Face has been nominated for QVC Beauty Excellence Award (UK) as “Best Tanning Product 2019”. If you love Sleep Mask Tan Face then we’d love for you to vote here.

Sleep Mask Face
Sleep Mask Face

Sleep Mask

James Read

So what makes James’ Sleep Mask Tan range so popular?

It's simply a must-have skincare staple for effortless natural glowing skin all year around!

James was the first tanning industry professional to launch a revolutionary overnight self tan treatment that combines luxury skincare ingredients with self tan. This mask is infused with nourishing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid as well as Algae Extract, to provide intense hydration whilst providing anti-ageing benefits. No one should have to forfeit their skincare in the result of getting gorgeous natural glowing skin and we couldn’t agree more!

As a celebrity tanner and expert, James’ inspiration for the range stemmed from wanting to create something different that not only tanned the skin but left it feeling super-hydrated and fresh when waking up. Listening to customer feedback, James wanted to create a range that not only left your skin with a golden glow but also a tan lasts for a longer period of time and fades evenly.

Shortly after Sleep Mask Tan Face, James created Sleep Mask Body. Why should your face get all of the goodness? James is a huge skincare advocate and promotes the need for hydration all over your body…. A tan isn’t just for the weekend! Sleep Mask Body is enriched with beautifying skincare ingredients making it suitable for women and men over 30. It also fragrance free which makes it perfect for people with problem skin such as dry skin or eczema. 

Loved by

Don’t just listen to us, Sleep Mask Tan Face is loved by the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding to name just a few.

We’d love to thank you for your support click here to vote. Voting closes on Thursday 22nd August 2019.

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