How to prepare your skin for self tanning

10 Aug, 2022

We know it can seem like a bit of a faff sometimes, but trust us when we say that those few extra pre-tanning prep steps – that we promise don’t have to take a long time – will make all the difference when it comes to achieving your perfect end result.

James’ expert tips for perfecting your prep for self-tanning

From moisturising daily to avoiding hot bathing, here are our top tips for making your self-tan last:

Schedule in your shaving

Make sure you’ve shaved and removed any body hair at least 24 hours before you apply tan. This is so hair follicles have enough time to close up before applying the tan, otherwise the skin can end up looking slightly speckled.

Night time scrub

The night before you’re planning to tan, give your body and face a light exfoliation. The skin is like a canvas so you want it to be as fresh and smooth when you put your tan on.

Moisturise your whole body

After you have given your body and face a light exfoliation, make sure your skin is hydrated. Apply moisturiser on your whole body.

Cleanse your skin

You want to make sure your skin is clean about an hour before applying self-tanner, for the tan not to stick to residue and be even. You can use your usual cleansing products but avoid oily products as they might leave an oily layer on the skin preventing the tan to adhere properly. Dry your skin thoroughly after cleansing your body and don’t use deodorant or perfume as they would alter the quality of the tan.

Moisturise dry patches

Hydrate any dry patches of skin. We’re all different, but in general the areas you want to concentrate on are elbows, ankles, shins, knees, knuckles and along the hairline. Avoid using a body oil as it will leave a residue on the skin and prevent the tan from sinking in as well. Use a thicker body cream instead.

Tan time

Your skin is now perfectly prepped so choose your favourite James Read product and apply as per the instructions. And remember to take your time, there’s no need to rush! Buff the product in to give the most gorgeous golden result.

To Sum Up

Prep is everything! Make sure you prepare your skin before applying any self-tanning product
● Ensure your body hair has been removed at least 24h before applying tan
● Give your body and face a light exfoliation the night before
● Hydrate and moisturise after your exfoliation
● Cleanse your skin about an hour before – and avoid oil-based products
● Hydrate any dry patches of skin

Get the perfect tan with James Read

Now that you know how to prepare your skin for a perfect tan, it’s time to start. At James Read we have a wide range self-tan products available.

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