Find your perfect tan: From gradual tan to instant and beyond

Want to know what is the best James Read self-tan product for you? Take this short quiz to find your perfect tan.

1. How much time do you have to achieve the tan colour you want?

a. I’ve got a few days to achieve the colour I want.

b. Now! I’m going out soon and forgot to tan

c. I just want a natural glow

2. How experienced are you at applying fake tan?

a. I’m a James Read regular

b. I like to put it on and not think about the application process

c. I’m quite new to fake tan

3. What formula do you prefer?

a. Mousse

a. Spray

a. Cream

4. What is your reason for tanning for?

a. I’m going on holiday and want a base tan

b. I’ve got a big event

c. I want a subtle everyday glow

Mostly a’s: Enhance

You want results quickly and with minimum fuss. Try: James Read’s Fool Proof Bronzing Mousse, an easy tan which will leave you with a lasting deep bronze tan in 3-5 hours. James Read’s Instant Bronzing Mist Face & Body, the tinted formula and easy to use spray mean you don’t miss any areas and gives a gorgeous just-back-from-holiday tan.

Mostly b’s: Self Tan

You’re comfortable in your own skin but everyone needs a little helping hand. Try: James Read’s Body Foundation, it covers any imperfections and gives an instant colour. James Read’s Tantour, this gorgeous contouring and highlighter pallet will help you fake those cheekbones and enhance your natural shape.

Mostly c’s: Gradual Tan

You want to ease your way in taking time to build up your colour. Try: James Read’s Sleep Mask Face, it’s great preparation for the weekend with skin boosting ingredients and provides a lovely next day glow. James Read’s H20 Tan Drops, they are customisable and great if new to tanning.

Now you know your perfect tan, Shop Now.

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