Coconut Oil in your Beauty Routine

7 May, 2022

Due to its natural hydration and soothing qualities, coconut is the perfect key ingredient for skin, hair and tanning products. Packed with natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, coconut oil is ideal for your face, body and hair whilst being the ideal ingredient for self-tan too. Here at James Read Tan, we’re so passionate about the many qualities coconut brings to skincare, we’ve created an exclusive range of coconut tanning products including coconut water tanning mist and tanning oil for all skin types.

Whilst we already know just how great it is, you might be wondering why you should be including coconut oil in your daily skincare routine. Let’s explore the benefits of using coconut oil for your hair, skin and body, how it helps build tan naturally and how you can include it in your daily routine.

Coconut Oil for Skin

Coconut oil is the perfect partner for both skin and body as it’s rich in fatty acids and is easily absorbed, helping to hydrate the skin below the dermis layer.


It’s usually a key ingredient in both face and body moisturisers as it leaves skin feeling luxuriously soft and smooth, great for body hydration

Skin Conditions Relief

If you’re suffering from dry or itchy skin, try switching your body moisturiser to a coconut-based product or even just pure coconut oil. Coconut oil can help treat skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis and mitigate symptoms like dry, itchy and scaly skin

Body Scrub

If DIY skincare is your thing, why not try making your exfoliator with a coconut oil base as it’s the perfect scrub base to add coffee granules, sugar and salt. A coconut oil scrub is the perfect exfoliator for brighter, softer skin and makes for the perfect pre-tan preparation – what’s not to love!


It’s also a great natural deodorant as its antibacterial properties help keep your skin and underarms fresh. If you suffer from irritation from shaving, why not switch your deodorant to a coconut-oil based one for a fresher, more hydrating option.

As we’ve mentioned, coconut oil is easily absorbed by your skin so if you’ve got dry patches, troublesome elbows or even dry, cracked feet, using coconut oil as a moisturiser will help address those problem areas.

Cleanser & Make-up Remover

Coconut oil is the perfect natural make-up remover too, helping to lift eye makeup whilst being gentle on the skin. Try using coconut oil as an initial cleanser in your evening skincare routine as its anti-bacterial properties help get rid of dirt and other free radicals from the day.

Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil is your hair’s best friend too, helping to lock in moisture and even protecting it from sun damage and chlorine. The heavy oil base helps create a natural shield between your hair and water, acting as a hydrating barrier.

Hair Conditioner

Using coconut oil as a natural alternative to conditioner isn’t a new concept; coconut is great for dry hair and helps repair any damage from colouring or sun.

Hair Protectant

If you want to touch up your self-tan, it’s important to clean your skin first. This will help to remove any oils or sweat that may be on your skin, which can prevent the self-tanner from adhering properly. Cleaning your skin will also help remove any products that may have built up on your skin, such as moisturiser or sunscreen.
Be sure to use a gentle cleanser and avoid harsh scrubbing, as this can strip away your existing tan. Once your skin is clean, you can then go ahead and reapply your self-tanner as normal.

Coconut Oil for Tanning

Incorporating coconut oil into self-tanning products has many benefits, the main one being its moisturising qualities. Coconut oil is a deeply moisturising ingredient that is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling lightweight and nourished.

Another benefit of using our coconut oil product for tanning is that it is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps protect skin from pollution and other harmful elements we are exposed to daily, making it a key skincare ingredient. So, you can achieve that healthy sun kissed look with the dual benefit of protecting your skin. And of course, there’s the heavenly scent.

The scent of coconut alone evokes memories of holidays- days spent on the beach, soaking up the sun. The benefit of using coconut oil self-tan to build a natural tan is a much safer, healthier alternative to spending hours in the sun- and when it smells as good as our coconut oil, it’s an easy swap to make.

Does Coconut Oil Help You Tan?

So, does coconut oil help you tan naturally? Well, our coconut dry oil certainly does!

As an ingredient, coconut oil can enhance the skin’s ability to tan but it doesn’t have any UV protection qualities which means it won’t protect skin from burning when exposed to the sun without SPF. Using our coconut range of self-tan products will mean your tan develops safely, as a natural alternative to building a tan.

How To Include Our Coconut Water Tanning Mist In Your Daily Routine

It’s super easy to start incorporating our coconut range in your daily skincare regime and depending on the results you’re looking for from using self-tan, we’ve got something to help. If you’re looking for a gradual building, natural tan, our coconut water tanning mist is ideal for your body. We’ve created a lightweight spray using 100% natural coconut water to hydrate and nourish your skin as you use it. Simply use it daily after your shower before dressing, over the top of your body moisturiser or on its own as a moisturiser too.

If you’re looking for a natural glow on your face, our coconut face tan spray is the perfect partner to use after your moisturiser and before your SPF. Its super-fast drying formula and ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin e will enhance your daily skincare routine whilst adding natural colour to your skin. It acts as the perfect primer underneath make-up too, making it the ideal product to add to your daily skincare routine for a healthy, long-lasting glow.

Depending on the colour of the tan you’d like to build, using our coconut range means you’re in complete control of the tone and colour. And as it’s super-easy to use and suits all skin types- there’s no time like now to start including it in your skincare routine.


Incorporating coconut oil into your daily skin and hair routine as well as your self-tan will keep your skin feeling healthy, soft and hydrated. With its natural properties and endless benefits for your body, as well as the glow it’ll give your self-tan, using coconut oil for more than just cooking will keep your whole body nourished.


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