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Instant Bronzing Spray is a lightweight mist that delivers an even, golden tan that lasts for up to five days. The easy-to-use 360 degree spray nozzle releases a conditioning formula, infused with Aloe Vera, which lifts the skin tone with an immediate bronze glow that develops into a golden tan throughout the day.
How to use
Firstly, cover the floor with a dark towel. With the canister at a distance of 15cm, spray the mist along clean, dry skin using a fast misting motion. For the face, close your eyes and mist lightly from a distance of 20cm. Allow each layer to dry for a few minutes and repeat several times to build up colour in fine layers. Avoid water for up to eight hours then finally, shower or bathe to reveal a golden tan that will last for up to five days.
Mix and Match
Use James Read BB Gradual Tan Pen to add depth and definition to your tan by running the pen over your collarbone and along the grooves of the muscles in your abdominals, arms and legs.
James says
A bronzing spray is the easiest method for tanning hard-to-reach areas, such as your sides and back. Try spraying over your shoulders then leaning forward so the tan settles lightly on the back.